What is it?

Individual program design is exactly as the name says. A program specifically designed for you, your weaknesses, and your goals. We'll write you your very own custom training plan that works for your schedule, equipment availability, and your experience level.

Who is it for?

Individual program design is for anybody. We can program for a wide variety of goals and experience backgrounds.

Whats included?

You will receive all of the following when signing up for individual programming.

    - Custom programming

    - Initial assessment 

    - Daily email/text support/communication via True Coach

    - Video demos

    - Access to True Coach to log workouts, view movement demos, communicate with your coach

How much does it cost?

The cost is $150 per month with an initial 3 month commitment. 3 Months is what we believe is needed to truly see the results our programming can provide. After the initial 3 months you can pay month to month.

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